(Belatedly) Announcing Visconti Press!

vp logo 1 final squareThis summer has been especially chaotic and disruptive, here at House Bey, and after releasing Blue in late May, I have fallen behind on virtually every writing goal: getting Blue into print, writing material for my next big project, keeping up with my reviews, and most notably, forgetting to announce, here on my site, the formation of Visconti Press.

I did announce it on Facebook, for anyone who might be following/friends there; I believe I also did on Twitter, though recollections of what I actually post there are as ephemeral as the Tweets themselves. I just don’t get that place, I must admit.

In any case, writer Siri Ousdahl, a multiple award-winning author in another genre (for good reason!) and I have formed Visconti Press, an endeavor to take up the fight for literate porn. We are hoping to become a name known for articulate, yet incredibly hot smut, that probes deeper (so to speak) than mere porny-porn. We believe that erotica can be great art, and this is our effort to prove it.

Visit Visconti’s home page to read Siri’s wonderfully written statement of our intentions. Initially, we are offering our own two debut novels. We will be expanding our titles and authors as we get started.

So please, check us out. The site is new, and we will eventually be adding a subscription link for news and offers. As I do here! I will also be returning to my essays and reviews here, and my Kinked Ink series in which I invite writers of erotica to discuss their favorite books and influences. And later this month, I will be reviewing Siri’s amazing novel Constraint as well.

It’s good to be back!

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