Auction, in Quotation Marks

in Best Bondage Erotica 2015, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Cleis Press, 2015.

best-bondage-erotica-2015My first published short story, “Auction, in Quotation Marks” is in this wonderful collection edited by the awesome Rachel Kramer Bussel for Cleis Press.

The anthology also contains stories by some of my favorite writers of erotica—Sommer Marsden, Elizabeth Coldwell, D.L. King, Lucy Felthouse.

Two authors with whom I was not previously familiar wrote stories that I thought were especially hot and would like to mention: Erin Spillane’s “The Centerpiece” and L.C. Spoering’s “Point and Click”. I have since sought out their work and found other smokin’ stories by them.

As usual, Rachel Kramer Bussel displays her skills as a writer in addition to editor and teacher. Her story “Of Human Bondage” is one of my favorites as well.

Here is the opening excerpt from my story:

Mike was mortified at being the only male slave in the auction. It made it even more humbling, more emasculating than if there were another. He stood naked on the stage but for his leather collar, two nude women to the right of him, one astonishingly beautiful brunette to his left, too proud to speak to the likes of him. Another woman was standing out in front of this line of naked people, in the bright lights. She was the second to be sold. The first was already gone.

Of course, this wasn’t a real slave auction. It was a social construct, an agreement made by everyone in the room to behave in a certain way. Mike could turn and leave at any moment.

But he didn’t.

He kept his place in the line, this wall of otherwise female flesh. Leaving would involve raising quite a commotion, drawing even more attention to himself. He had no idea where his clothes were, and the metal loops in his padlocked collar were attached by thin chains to the collars on either side of him, keeping everyone close together—so close he could smell their scents.

“Twenty-two thousand dollars,” said the auctioneer, a short man in a suit behind the podium. A tall brunette dolled up in stiletto boots and black dominatrix regalia walked up to the naked girl center stage, attached a leash to her collar, and led her away.

Mike wasn’t sure where the money from this event went, since they weren’t really property. He’d gathered this was some sort of charity event, possibly for a local animal shelter. He knew this wasn’t the wealthiest crowd in town, like the people who made up the owners/Masters in most erotic novels and stories—characters who could afford exclusive mansions, private islands, even castles, global networks of slave training and trading.

No, these were west-side suburban McMansioners, kinksters who could afford to have some fun, lease a downtown ballroom to rent out their play-slaves for the weekend, but not import the latest beauty by private jet for their harem or stable. They owned car dealerships, not hedge funds. They drove Lexuses and Audis, not Rolls Royces or Bugattis. He knew the type. His Mistress was one.


Best Bondage Erotica 2015 is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Cleis Press.