Blue‘s first review!

blue coverTerrance Aldon Shaw at Erotica for the Big Brain has read my debut novel Blue, and he gave it an honest and wonderful review.

What I most appreciate about his review is how well he understood the importance of art in my novel, the role that self-expression plays in many of the characters’ lives — including some incredibly erotic forms of art and expression. I also love how well he understood that my project was to take “some of the great classic BDSM narratives,” to quote him, and slap them smack-dab into the heart of American suburbia.

I’m also fond of this line from the review: “When Janet meets Dmitri, an auteur of singular and disturbing vision, the results are nothing short of seismically arousing.” I’ll be putting that sentence on the back cover of the print version. 😉

Terrance’s review can be read here. Be sure to check out his other insightful reviews and his own fiction, which is pretty darn good.

Blue, which is now available for pre-order, will be released on Amazon Tuesday, May 24. It can be pre-ordered here.

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