Blue’s reviews thus far

blue coverBlue has been garnering wonderful reviews on websites, Amazon and Goodreads. Here is a nice gathering of blog reviews, because I know you want to keep reading them over and over, just as I do.

“This is an accomplished and unflinching first novel, showing great understanding of both the psychology and practicality of dominance and submission, and willing to show it in all its crazy, beautiful and confusing glory,” Jay Willowbay at BDSM Book Reviews: “A seriously sexy read from cover to cover, with the author creating an intoxicatingly inventive series of situations and driving them deep into your imagination through sweet seduction and irresistible force.”

Terrance Aldon Shaw at Erotica for the Big Brain: “When Janet meets Dmitri, an auteur of singular and disturbing vision, the results are nothing short of seismically arousing.”

“When you come across a book like this, one that twists you in knots and won’t let go, if you’re like me, you decide you MUST tell someone how you feel,” Devi Ansevi at Crush Blush: “In Janet, Bey has created a submissive who gets the irony that what she’s experiencing in real life cannot, will never, match the books she’s read. We the readers are treated to the delicious irony that a writer of erotica has written a fictional account of a character who realizes that real life cannot match fiction.”

And Zander Vyne: “It shows BDSM’s good, bad, ugly, and everything in between.”

Also, a nice little interview at BDSM Book Reviews.

Blue is available here.

  2 comments for “Blue’s reviews thus far

  1. Matt
    December 13, 2016 at 5:32 pm

    Blue was one of the best erotic books I have read in a long time.

    I hope you are planning to write a sequel, as I’m sure plenty of readers want to find out what happens next to Janet, Amanda, Jon, Kenneth, and Carolyn.

    • LN Bey
      December 13, 2016 at 11:35 pm

      Thank you so much, Matt! If there’s enough demand, down the road, I do have very definite ideas for a sequel, and some vague notions for a third. (That would be enough, I think.) Right now I want to write a few other projects, in different worlds, with different characters — but just as kinky. Spread the word! If Blue languishes in obscurity, it just won’t be as motivational to revisit Oakdale, even though I’m in love with all these characters. Or maybe it will just take me longer to do so. I do plan to write some shorter stories with these characters no matter what, so stay tuned. Thank you again!

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