Dancing With Myself reissued; “Girl B” lives on

Dancing With Myself: Self-Love Erotica now available from SinCyr Publishing

I have been fortunate enough to have six short stories published in anthologies so far, and I have to say “Girl B” is my best and favorite. Originally accepted by editor Jillian Boyd and published by Sexy Little Pages, the book was in danger of disappearing when that excellent publisher sadly had to close.

However, the title has transferred to SinCyr Publishing, and after new agreements were signed it is now being re-released! I could not be happier my story will continue to be available.

Dancing With Myself: Self Love Erotica is a set of eight stories about, well, “self-love,” as they say. Mine is about the act of fantasizing, more than anything; what we want and what we think we want and what to do about it and how complicated that can be in real life. Other authors include Leandra Vane, T.C. Mill, and Julian Boyd herself, and it is a wonderful collection.

The new reissue is available here on Amazon, or can be purchased through these options: https://books2read.com/u/mgGO9q. Check it out!

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