Hello and Welcome!

I am LN Bey, and I write BDSM erotica. I am new to the genre, with only a few published stories and a self-published novel (with more on the way). I have, however, been an avid reader of erotica for many years, and enjoy a good kinky film as well, if intelligently done. And skillful erotic art? Don’t get me started.

No, do. In addition to promoting my own work on this site, I am trying to create a space to discuss erotic works of merit—books, films, and art, plus anything eye-catching that I might stumble across on the internet. I like smart creative work, whether erotic or not, and I hope to present work that you might not otherwise know about, both old and new.

I welcome discussion and disagreement, so long as it’s civil, as well as suggestions for further investigation. Because that’s what I enjoy doing: finding new, kinky work, and figuring out what makes its creator tick.

I like figuring out what makes people tick, especially in sexuality, and most especially in the seemingly illogical world of BDSM. Why in the world would an otherwise intelligent person want to be bound, whipped and humiliated, before being fucked mercilessly? Let’s find out!

There will be much discussion of adult material, so if you’re under the age of 18, please go away and come back when you’ve reached the age of legal maturity. There will also occasionally be discussion of works of sometimes nonconsensual or dubious-consensual nature, because it’s part of human existence and because I am discussing fiction. I in NO way condone any kind of activity in real life, sexual or otherwise, without the full consent of everyone involved. Never. But in fantasy, in fiction? Well, let’s see what’s out there and then decide.

Take a look. I think this will be fun.