Just Desserts

sizzle coverI am happy to announce that my short story “Just Desserts” has been accepted into the erotica anthology “Love Slave: Sizzle,” published by Lit Select. (“Love Slave” is their erotica series.) The anthology will be released on March 15, 2016. This will be my second published story.

This is a food-themed erotica collection; I wrote this story as an assignment in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s online erotica writing class via LitReactor and I’ve been saving it for just such an anthology. I am especially happy about the acceptance because I mentioned it in my last blog post as an example of how I sometimes enjoy playing with the tropes of erotica in my stories, and now I look much more knowledgable since the story will be in print (or online, anyway)! 😀

I stated in that post that while conducting a very thorough survey of Ms. Bussel’s six paired D/s anthologies, published by Cleis Press, that I became aware of certain reoccurring tropes, which are not the same as clichés. One of those tropes is the hot-couple-out-on-the-town story, in which the submissive will have to wait until they get home to receive her/his punishment or reward. The story is usually about the wait, the anticipation, followed by a hot sex scene.

I always thought it would be funny to write about the chaos the couple leaves behind in their wake — what about the waiters and waitresses, the other diners in that restaurant where the couple was conducting their little ritual/disobedience/hijinks? “Just Desserts” is that story, for me — some other author has followed the hot couple home.

Love Slave: Sizzle is available here.

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