New novelette: Birthday Boy

Story #1 from the collection 'Villa' now available.

I am happy to announce that I have a new novelette (which sounds better than “long short story”) up on Amazon!

Titled Birthday Boy, this is the first of twelve novelettes (8-14K words each) that when completed will comprise the collection Villa, which should be released early 2017. I will be releasing the first five or six stories every few weeks until the book is complete.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve always been attracted to what I call the “institutional porn” of Weatherfield, Antoniou, Roquelaure and Réage, in which people submit themselves into entire systems, organizations, not just one lover (although that is often how such stories begin, with the lover who introduces them into these secretive worlds). Romance, they ain’t. If Blue was my attempt to apply the tropes of this tradition of erotica into the generic modern American suburbs, then Villa is the real thing – sort of. It’s my take on the subgenre—somewhat cynical, somewhat dysfunctional. There is an overall arc to the stories; each stands alone but there is a background plot brewing as well. It’s almost a novel.

Rather than go into a lengthy essay on these tropes and why I like them (which I’ll do elsewhere, soon), I’ll just direct you to the Amazon page for the story. At $.99 for 8500 words, I like to think it’s a bargain.

Birthday Boy tells the story of David, a young man who has sold himself into voluntary servitude, and all the delicious torments the Masters and Mistresses of the Italian Villa in which he serves have planned for him on his special day. Because that’s the kind of thing they do there. 🙂 What awaits him, today?

It’s a nice, unfair bit of fem-dom, or perhaps male-sub is a better term.


Birthday Boy, by LN Bey

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