Villa novelette #2 now available.

Flowers for Officer Julia

The second installment of my upcoming¬†Villa collection, “Flowers for Officer Julia,” is now available on Amazon!

I’ve always wondered about the background characters in classic BDSM novels, the people who just work there, who keep the various chateaux full of sex slaves running. What do they think? That it’s a decent job? The maids and janitors who have to clean up the various bodily fluids, the secretaries who keep track of all those billionaires’ harems and stables. Or, the security guards, who keep unwanted visitors out, slaves (voluntary slaves, of course) in, maintain order and perhaps inflict a little discipline – yet can’t fully participate.

It must drive them nuts, yes? So here, in this second novelette set in just such a world, is how one young woman deals with her frustrations.

“Flowers for Officer Julia” can be purchased here.

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