Villa novelette #3 is now available

It's Good to Be Master Tomassino

The third installation of my Villa series is now out and up on Amazon!

If my goal with Blue was to take the tropes of “chateau porn” and slap them smack-dab into the bland American suburbs, Villa is actual chateau porn – or my take on it, anyway. A world of voluntary slaves and wealthy owners, the twelve novelettes add up to what is almost a novel: characters disappear and return as we’re headed towards something, and the story of their world continually expands beyond the confines of the Renaissance Italian castle known as the Villa.

The stories will get darker, and the series is not kind to billionaires – I call them out for what they are: exploiters. So how does one eroticize exploitation, in a genre that finds objectification sexy while also relying on the consensual participation of all involved? I invite you to find out.

The first two novelettes were stories of male submission and female domination, although every story contains pretty much every combination of genders dominating and submitting to each other. This one features a male Top, Master Tomassino, and his most usual day. Here is the story’s description:

It IS good to be Master Tomassino. While Danielo Tomassino might sometimes neglect his family duties as heir of a rich industrialist, he works hard at the important things in life: directing the cruelly kinky stage shows at the Renaissance Italian pleasure palace known as the Villa, keeping his beautiful slave Ilsa properly disciplined, and navigating the complex politics of the Villa’s wealthy and depraved clientele.

But as Ilsa wakes him in the most exquisite way, he knows something is off—there is the burnt smell of deployed airbags lingering in his clothes, and who is this woman lying in bed next to him? Certainly not one of the Villa’s other voluntary slaves—or she wouldn’t have those tan lines on her perfect body.

As Danielo begins to piece together what happened the night before, things in his perfect life begin to disintegrate. Will he come out on top? He always has. But this is no ordinary day, for Master Tomassino.

It’s Good to Be Master Tomassino is available here. The entire book will be released later in 2017.

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