Villa novelette #4 now available

“Mountainview,” the fourth installment in my Villa series, or the fourth chapter in my upcoming Villa book (I can’t even tell anymore), is now available! “Mountainview” takes the world of the Villa outside the walls of the Renaissance-era pleasure palace itself as the scope of the collection expands, yet those who serve it know no more freedom. 😉

Here’s the Amazon description of this 12,000-word novelette:

As Master Tomassino’s slave at the Villa, beautiful Ilsa was used to being the object of everyone’s attention. Then one day without warning she is summoned by the Villa’s staff, bound and folded like origami into a wooden crate, and loaded into a delivery truck. When she is released from her claustrophobic container and emerges into her new home, she finds more than just the location has changed. She’s in the Alps now, not warm Italy. Instead of the baroque delights of the Villa, she’s inside a minimalist house built of concrete and glass, austere and colorless—and her new Master is just as cold and distant. She is given only two commands: to never speak, and to stand in the picture window naked, every day, without touching or being touched—or even, she thinks, being seen.

Why is she here, if she’s not even desired? Why does her new owner make a point of ignoring her? And could the mysterious groundskeeper, the only human she ever sees out her lonely window, help her to escape? Because if something doesn’t change from this endless cruel routine, Ilsa might just lose her mind.

“Mountainview” can be purchased here.

“Birthday Boy,” the first installment of the Villa series, can be purchased here.


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